How can I schedule months in advance if I don't know exactly when my baby will be born?

I schedule a limited number of sessions each month to be able to reschedule early or late arrivals. At the time of booking we tentatively schedule for the week following baby's due date, but we would set an exact date only after baby's arrival. 


My baby is already born, could we still schedule a newborn session?

I schedule newborns up to 2 weeks and if your baby was born less than 10 days ago please text or email me as I sometimes do have last minute openings. My info is on the Contact page.


I only need a few photos, what is your smallest package?

At this time the smallest package is the Solo Collection which includes 15 edited high resolution digital images and the total cost for it is $650. 


If I book the Solo Collection, could you include just a couple of photos of my toddler with the baby?

At this time I only include sibling poses in the Duo Collection as I have to set up the studio for a different flow when siblings participate, the sessions end up taking longer and so does editing. 


I don't see your pricing for twins, is there an extra charge? 

Unfortunately at this time I can't schedule twins and multiples as I currently I don't work with an assistant. 


Do you provide the props? 

Yes, I provide all the props (crates, buckets, bowls, tiny beds) and accessories (swaddles, headbands, hats) you see in my images. Please note that I don't specialize in themed set-ups (e.g. Disney characters), but I don't mind working with an idea you might have as long as I'm notified in advance and I can possibly deliver upon your request. 


Do I need to bring anything to the session? 

No, you don't need to bring anything to the session other than lots of milk and a pacifier. Even if baby is not using a pacifier it could still be very helpful to have one during the session just in case baby would not be calm even after being well fed. 


Can I bring outfits or items for you to use during the session? 

I prefer to work with my props as I know how to use them safely and I also know they photograph well. From experience I can say that most of the outfits and props parents have brought to sessions turn out to be too large or too small. I plan the sessions in advance and if my clients have a family heirloom or a particular prop they'd really like incorporated I'll make it work, but it helps if I know in advance. 


I love a photo I've seen on Pinterest, could you do the same set-up?

It helps me to see what type of images you gravitate towards and my wish is always to deliver according to my clients' wishes, but it depends on the image. If the space, the light, the props and style are something I could replicate then I would. 


What if my baby has jaundice, baby acne or flaky skin, should we wait until it's gone?

The editing processe takes care of all that. It's very important to have the session done before baby turns 2 weeks (ideally before 10 days) as they change very fast those first few days and if we'd wait until the skin issues are gone they might be too alert to be posed as a newborn. 


Could fix my dark circles in photoshop if I'll look very tired? 

Most (if not all) moms I work with are sleep deprived and still recovering just days after giving birth, so I make sure to use the light and angles I shoot from in a flattering way. I do edit dark circles or hormonal breakouts on the skin. What I find difficult to edit are minor issues that can easily be taken care of before the session (e.g. wrinkles on clothing, bra straps showing, hair freeze, tan lines, chipped nail polish), but I do send an email prior to the session with tips and reminders for preparing for the session. 


I also want the unedited files, do you include them with your packages? 

I do not include unedited photos, only the purchased images are included in each collection. I see unedited files as unfinished work, I would not deliver an unfinished product to my clients.