Baby Vivienne and Sister Genevieve

April 14, 2015  •  2 Comments

It's safe to say when a toddler is involved in a newborn photo session we are in for a surprise as far as the participation goes. Well, adorable baby Vivienne has an adorable energetic 2 years old sister and she did more than participate, she made the session super entertaining. Mom and dad must be melting looking at these photos of their precious daughters! 


Auntie Mary Lou and Uncle Cory(non-registered)
Genevieve definitely enhances the photo poses. We haven't met Brie
yet but assume she must be a beauty
to such lovely daughters. Tim, you couldn't have done better if you tried. We always though you'd be successful. Much love to all four
of you.
Janet ( Mimi) Sullivan(non-registered)
You do such wonderful work! As their grandparents we are thrilled to be showing off our grandchildren with the beautiful pictures you took of them.
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