Did you say Glamour?

July 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Lately I've been captivated by Sue Bryce's work, a fabulous australian glamour photographer. Yes, glamour! She's been shooting glamour style since it was in back in the 80s and she kept doing it when it was out and she's bringing it back! It's called Contemporary Glamour nowadays and it's done using natural window light diffused and bounced with large white boards and I just love the results. 

I figured I would try to set up a shoot the way I've learned from this talented photographer and have my sister pose for me. I'm blessed with an awesome sister and a talented MUA sister-in-law to help out with the hair and make-up. I usually photograph babies so all this was new, especially having someone sit still and listen to my directions! I'm looking forward to show more women how gorgeous they truly are!

Thank you Stef for going along with my ideas :)


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